Special Leave Accrual


What is special leave accrual?


SLA is the authority to carryover up to 120 days of leave at fiscal year-end.  

Note:  There is a system issue that applies to some members; if it applies to you, you would have received a SmartDoc with this information.  Members who had special leave accrual (SLA) with an expiration date of FY2016 and greater and a leave balance of 60.5 to 75 days should retain that leave.  However the military pay system reduced your leave balance to 60 days on October 1, 2015.  If this situation applies to you, it will result in your September LES showing a leave balance of 60 days rather than the potential full amount of SLA leave you have earned and may be allowed to carry forward.  DFAS will conduct a review of your leave record to determine if you should have leave restored and how much should be restored.  Once DFAS determines the impact, additional information will be provided letting you know if you were affected or not and when to expect corrections to appear on your LES.  

SLA can be granted for members who (1) serve on active duty for a continuous period of at least 120 days in an area where they are entitled to Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger Pay; (2) are assigned to a deployable ship or mobile unit or other duty designated; or (3) are assigned to duty designated by the Secretary of Defense as qualifying duty for SLA.  This type of SLA can be
retained for three fiscal years after the fiscal year in which the continuous period of qualifying service terminated if that service was terminated after September 30, 2015.  If the service was terminated October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2015, the SLA may be retained for up to four fiscal years.

SLA may also be granted for members who serve on active duty in a duty assignment in support of a contingency operation during a fiscal year; they may retain up to 120 days of SLA until the end of the second fiscal year after the fiscal year in which such service on active duty is terminated.

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