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Special Pay for Dental Officers - Board Certified Pay (BCP)


What is the Special Pay for Dental Officers - Board Certified Pay (BCP) and who is eligible to receive it?


Special pays for dental officers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Accession Bonus (AB)*
  • Variable Special Pay (VSP)*
  • Board Certified Pay (BCP)
  • Additional Special Pay (ASP)*
  • Special Pay For Active Duty of Reserve Dental Officers*
  • Multiyear Retention Bonus (MRB)*
  • *Each of these special pays are outlined in separate FAQs.

    Board Certified Pay (BCP)
    Dental officers who are entitled to VSP and who are board certified are entitled to BCP. A dental officer is considered board certified if he or she is:

  • Certified by an American Dental Specialty Examining Board recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA), or
  • Awarded a Board Certification Equivalency Certificate issued by the Department of Defense or a Military Department for a service-recognized dental specialty which is unique to military dentistry. To be eligible for certification, a dental officer must have completed a formal postgraduate training program of not less than 2 academic years in a military dental specialty for which there is a requirement.
  • BCP rates can be found in the Military Pay Tables at The DFAS Military Pay Website.

    For more information about Board Certified Pay for dental officers, visit the DoD FMR Volume 7A Chapter 6 Section 0603.

    For more information about Military Pay, visit The DFAS Military Pay Website.

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