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Secure Travel Voucher Submission for Active Duty TDY/TCS


How do I securely submit my Travel Voucher?


You can securely submit your travel voucher and all supporting documents on this website.
First, select the 'Submit A Ticket' button in the upper left hand corner. Then, to ensure your documents are routed properly, choose your type of travel from the list under the heading 'Subcategories'. This takes you to a page where you'll fill in all required fields, ensuring your email address is correct, and upload your documents.
You are limited to 10 files not to exceed 35MB total. And, make sure your file(s) is one of the accepted file formats listed. Your files are securely transmitted to the proper DFAS office for processing.
You can check the status of your claim using the Online Payment Status Tool. Please allow two business days for processing before checking the status of your voucher.

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