How do I verify my employment or salary?


How do I verify my employment or salary?


DFAS employees can now request that their employment and salary verification be emailed to an external source through MyBiz. The Work Number has been discontinued. The steps to follow are: 

  1. Select MyBiz/MyWorkplace from the MyLinks box on the ePortal Home Page
  2. Login to MyBiz
  3. Click on the "Employment Verification" link in the Navigator box
  4. Select whether to send employment verification or employment and salary verification
  5. Enter the email address to send the verification to and include your email in the "My Email" line and then click on the "Continue" button
  6. Verify the information is correct and click on the "Acknowledge and Submit" button
  7. You will receive two emails. The first includes a password protected PDF file with your employment verification information. The second email will include a password. The recipient will receive the email with the password protected PDF file. You are responsible to provide the password to the recipient.
  8. Emails should be received within 15 minutes
  9. Once you send the recipient the password, they will be able to access your employment verification information

For additional instructions, please select this link for an example.

Employees with questions can contact the HR Customer Care Center at 317-212-0454 for assistance.

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