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Army /Reserve/Guard Members Must Include Name of Unit/Company/City/State/Country
Army Reserve or Army National Guard prior to Dec 75 must include your Duty Assignment(s) and Major Command(s). The records are paper stored in boxes, by the Duty Assignment and Major Command, City, State, Country, and date.
Example: 559 TRK PLT 193D TRANS CO MED TRK CARGO   RICHTON,MS  Date: June 1964 to June 1964 Reserve
Example: 516 BTRY B 4TH HOW BN 114TH ARTY    FOREST, SC  Date: June 1964 to June 1964 Reserve
**Request Can Take up to 60 to 120 Days to Retrieve. Make no Financial Commitments, some records were not sent to the Federal Records Centers from their Units. Prior to 1991, before the establishment of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), pay records were maintained by the respective military service, and were only kept for six years, and 3 months.**
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