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The following links will return you back to various askDFAS customer service sites.

Not all of the modules listed below are available to all users. Choose the one that best matches what you are looking for. If there are no items available, then come back and choose another module. If you have the original link, you may wish to use that instead.
Non Appropriated Funds Payroll is a single repository for NAF HQ and local HR representatives to ask questions and research FAQs on NAF personnel actions and payroll information.
Customer Service site for Army, Navy and Air Force Personnel to find answers to their pay questions.
We are sorry, but we cannot answer pay questions for Marine Corps, please refer to your S1.
Customer Service web site for the myPay web site application.
Retired Pay and Annuitant Pay
Inquiries related to system access processed by the Special Actions Security Office (SASO), including audits, suspensions, password resets, adding, modifying, or deactivating accounts.
Customer service system for DFAS Travel Pay that provides assistance for the U.S. Army and Civilian Employees.
AskDFAS Columbus CCC - Commercial Pay Inquiries
Civilian PCS Relocation Debt
Welcome to the AskDFAS Cleveland Disbursing page. Please review the FAQ's prior to submitting your request as the FAQ's might answer your question or direct you to the correct information.
This module is for accounting and finance systems access requests regarding password resets and adding, modifying or deactivating accounts.
The DCPS Password Reset system is used to streamline the process of resetting passwords for the DCPS system. DCPS stands for Defense Civilian Pay System.
This area is for Debt and Claims customers to submit Claims and Protests to Debt. Customers can find answers to frequently asked questions that will help guide them through the submission process.
Disbursing Requests
Submit questions or copies of court orders regarding garnishment for support or commercial debt, personal Chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy or Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act entitlement.
Indianapolis AskDFAS VID Request
Indianapolis Disbursing Access
Customer can request a copy/copies of his/her prior Military Pay Records, to include Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
Navy & Marine Military Pay Requests
Submission of Army and Air Force SDC claims only.
Allow current and prior Service Members and Civilians the ability to request W2/1099-R's be reissued.
Area specifically designed to accept online Travel Pay Claims Submissions.